Are you the engineer who dreams of becoming a consultant?

You’re so over the cubicle city.

You Imagine the day when you select the projects you will work on.

You imagine the day you decide what time you leave work and call it a day.

No longer missing birthday parties, kids sporting practices or dance recitals.

Ever want to do more with your career?

Do you see yourself getting out of cubicle life?

Dreaming of the day that you can walk away from the cubicle life and work with your own clients probably consumes you day.

Think about it…No more days forcing yourself to complete a project that someone else ASSIGNED you.

All of this will change when you become a business owner.

Right now your income is limited!

Should you get a raise every year you know that raise isn’t even enough to cover inflation!

Or how about that bonus that never finds its way to you.

Oh wait you do get a bonus for the great work you do as an engineer.

They continue to give you more work and tell you what a great job you’re doing! *Insert your blank stare here*

However your compensation and your time away from your family did not equate to a happy workplace.

Hoping for the days when you can forgo the office politics in order to get your next promotion or opportunity to be on a project.

Instead you get the work done.

No one really knows how great of an engineer you are except of course the person taking credit for your work!

But don’t worry about it, that person is enjoying the bonuses that you earned them.

What if you could create a work environment that was inclusive and accepting of Who You Are?

Let’s take a look at it.

You can come dressed as you are.

You wouldn’t have to conform your language to fit in.

You wouldn’t even have to change your hair to fit in.

All they’re asking is for you to be the best engineer you can be to your client.

This place is too good to be real.

This place is not imaginary.

So what is this place?

It is your own consulting business.

It is where you get to be you.

You get to select your own clients.

You get to select your own projects.

You get to select the hours you work or better yet you don’t work.

You get to select living the life you decide to live.

As a consultant you’re the shot caller! You make the decisions. You’re given the freedom you’ve been looking for in your career.

You can create the income that you want. You can spend more time with your family! And you can create your own career path.

But what is keeping you from making this change?

Is it fear of success? Does it seem too risky? Are you confused on where to start?

If you had personal 1-on-1 guidance starting your consulting business would you feel more comfortable and confident?

What if this guidance also provided you with the business aspect of being a consultant or small business owner?

Would this be a relief?

If you desire

  1. Process to start your business
  2. Methods to reduce some of the risk
  3. Tactics to test being a consultant
  4. Freedom to be yourself
  5. More time with your family
  6. Unlimited income
  7. Ability to select the clients you work with
  8. Freedom to select types of projects you work on
  9. Create your own career path
  10. Work in an inclusive work environment

then being a consultant or small business owner maybe for you.

Get the 5 Steps From Engineer to Consultant Guide here.



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