You have this business burning inside of you. You still have one foot in your corporate job and one foot in entrepreneurship. Being the owner and entrepreneur is absolutely great! You can create the business of your dreams.

So ready to QUIT (my job) before you SCREAM! Why can’t I think about anything else except owning a business or making this product? But if it fails what will people think of me?

Is the THRILL gone in your current career? Are you starting to hear your purpose? Do you see your dreams shifting from employee to entrepreneur? (The management, six-figure position wasn’t all I thought it would be either *sigh*)

You need to know how to get this idea off the ground into a functioning, money making business. Of course you want this before you quit your job right?

You are a highly successful, self-motivated and independent person. I completely get that. I’ll explain what I give to you as a business coach.

We will talk in-depth about YOU first and foremost. I will ask you hard introspective questions which only you can answer. These will be soul searching questions that will get all up into your feelings.

Next you will determine if indeed you are ready for entrepreneurship and if I am the coach that fits your needs. Why? Because I’ll be here to push you past your fear, self-doubt and greatest achievements to date.

I won’t hand you a plan but I will guide you to where you need to be to succeed in your business. I’m here to take you from where you are now *good* to where you desire to be *great*! I will give you the focus you need to accomplish your entrepreneurship goals.

I provide a strategic approach to launching your business. My approach keeps you working full-time as you transition from employee to entrepreneurship. I will coach to develop items like your business strategy, marketing plan, team creation and backroom operations.