My 2017 has been a year of loss and rebirth. Yet, I’m thankful for it. During the Thanksgiving holiday I like to reflect on what has transpired throughout the year. Sitting in a quiet spot in my local library on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I started to think throughout the year.

While 2017 hasn’t been the best year for me, I’m still thankful for it. It’s made me wiser, stronger and more resilient. More importantly it made me realize how great I am.

It made me realize how great WE are! We as women in STEM need to spend more time reflecting on our GREATNESS. Yes you are great!

African American woman writing in journal

Track all of your accomplishments – no matter how small or large.

Throughout the ups and downs of your personal life and career, you push forward. You still smile, laugh and encourage others. You still remain positive and optimistic of your future in STEM.

You are effin OUTSTANDING!

I encourage each of you to take 15 minutes to reflect on 2017.
1. Find a quiet place.
2. Write down all you have accomplished.
3. Write down what you planned to accomplish.
4. Write down who you encouraged/positively impacted.
5. Then write down 3-5 ways to reward yourself for all you have done in 2017.

Yes you deserve to gloat, pat yourself on the back and reward yourself.

Now what will you’re reward be: Bitcoin, new shoes, payoff a bill early or maybe a massage?

It doesn’t matter which you select just as long as it’s only for YOU and you enjoy it.