Leadership & Blessings


Today I was reminded of two lessons I learned August 2010: #1 Blessings & #2 Leadership! As I was traveling and only 30 miles from my final destination, I hydroplaned on I-44. I did a 90 degree turn in the far right lane and started heading to the concrete barrier.

Lesson #1 – I asked God for me NOT to be injured. I hit the concrete barrier head on, did 180 degree turn and came to a complete stop in the left lane. My airbags didn’t deploy. (I was going fast enough for them to deploy) I walked away with a scratch on my neck, a bruised right knee and soreness.
Had the airbags deployed I would have sustained some injuries.
Lesson #2 – My company VP over the project I was traveling to personally drove a company vehicle from Austin TX to Tulsa OK so I could have a vehicle to drive. Who does this? A leader does this!

     This VP made it a point to speak about leadership. He expressed the importance of being a good leader and how it included taking action as well as admitting when you need help. More importantly he expressed the importance of owning your mistakes.

     To him, being a team, providing value to customers and the importance of every role in a team. He would make personnel moves within the team to promote professional growth and the need for others to be closer to their families. It was during this time I started studying leadership. Understanding that I wanted to be a great leader to all those who would listen and learn from me.

Lesson #3 – My company VP saw something in me others didn’t. There was an opportunity for me to change roles. I inquired about it and was told I didn’t meet the requirements. The issue was a man had been hired in a similar position with less experience than me and he wasn’t an engineer.

Lesson #4 – Leaders respect others. I’ve had the opportunity to engage with several people in upper management with my employer. Some I can literally say if I had diarrhea I wouldn’t follow them to the restroom!


They are truly poor managers and have non-existent leadership skills.  They will create hostile work environments. Their staff turnover often and quickly. People opt to work in more difficult locations or projects than work with tyrants…Yes they are TYRANTS!

It’s their way or there’s hell to pay. It would be nice if it was the highway. This way you won’t be near them any longer. When given the opportunity they will steal your idea in a minute without giving you credit.

My company VP approached me. He simply said if you want the position apply for it. I will support you.

Lessons can come in various forms. Take a look at your life and the lessons you’ve learned and grown from over the last 12, 24 or 60 months. #Growth